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With our all-natural, safe, deep dirt extraction cleaning methods….

Dirt, bacteria, fungi, and dust mites are some of the things that build up on carpet, rug and upholstery fibers. This build-up, while certainly not healthy, also impacts the appearance dramatically, dulling colors and fiber vibrancy. Dirt also acts like sand paper, wearing the fibers down faster and reducing the life of your carpet and furnishings.

Cleaner: Our highly trained, certified cleaning technicians, professional equipment and carefully evolved cleaning methods will remove the dirt, pollens, dust mites and spots, keeping your home looking its best. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) studies have shown our methodologies are 1500% more effective than ordinary home cleaning and vacuuming.

Healthier: Dust mites and their waste are unhealthy, particularly for people with asthma or allergies. Some studies indicate that fully 25% of all allergies are caused by house dust mites.

“Our daughter is asthmatic and highly allergic (total IgE 420.0) to various pollens and house dust. After we had our carpets and mattresses properly cleaned she had no absolutely no asthma attacks for 6 months. We highly recommend proper professional cleaning to help control asthma and allergies.
– D. & M. Klopfenstein, West Lafayette.(Before Naturally Safe cleaned for the Klopfenstein’s, their daughter suffered one or more asthma attacks daily.)

More Attractive: Repeatedly our clients tell us they had no idea their carpets and furniture could look so good. They say we are the finest, most professional cleaning company they have ever worked with.

“I appreciate the knowledge you have about carpets and carpet care, also the extreme care you take in our home. The guards you put on doors and wall corners, the shoe covers–all of it demonstrates a quality of care and professionalism that is far beyond anything we have experienced. One recent comment, ‘Did you guys get new carpet?’ exemplifies how nice our carpet looks now.”
– Mrs. Wendy Leeper, West Lafayette.

All Natural: We won’t use harsh, toxic chemicals to clean your carpets and furniture. Our products are all-natural, food-based, 100% biodegradable and environmentally- friendly (meet established limits). Your home will look and smell clean and fresh.

Safe and Effective: Our cleaning solutions have been tested and approved by the Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI). Back in 2007, all major carpet manufactures decided that any cleaning product that is not approved by the CRI will void the warranty of your carpet.  Our cleaning is guaranteed to not void your new carpet warranty.

Deep Dirt Extraction: Our method really gets out the dirt and removes it from your home. This is the methodology recommended by the EPA.

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