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Lafayette - West Lafayette Carpet Care Specialists


“I have been having Mark clean my carpets for over ten years. I know that not only will he do a fantastic job, he’ll be on time and respond quickly. When my dog was injured and left a blood trail through my house, he arrived within 30 minutes of my call and not a single blood spot was left. I wouldn’t use anyone else.”

Amy Masson
West Lafayette

“They brought back the newness in the carpeting. I feared I would need to invest in new carpet, but the cleaning has changed [that]. ([I] will use this service again and again.)”

Mrs. Barbara Tracy

“Very professional and extremely knowledgeable. [They] know their product and provide a service that is of very high quality–hard to find elsewhere nowadays…one room was heavily traveled on by children, adults and pets. The carpet was 10 years old. Now it looks new – spots are gone, color is back. Very satisfied with results… Highly recommended.”

Tony Strickler

“Carpets looked wonderful after cleaning. And they dry so quickly!”

Jill Evans
West Lafayette

“The carpet cleaners that came to my home were very knowledgeable about carpets and the best way to clean them. They were enthusiastic about their work and my carpets have never been cleaner!”

Susan Moynihan
West Lafayette

“Excellent! Professional. Extremely thorough cleaning and showing me the work as it was being done.”

Megan Logan
West Lafayette