Carpet Protection with Warranty

We’ll apply the best carpet protector in the industry for maximum spill and soil protection. And, you’ll have the additional benefit of our one year protection warranty.

Odor Removal

We can remove all kinds of odors–urine, smoke, even skunk! (We’ve successfully  treated cases where the family dog has had an encounter with a skunk, and before you know it, he’s brought that odor into the house (the carpet, the furniture, the bedding– it happens! ) Of course, our professional odor removal is guaranteed.


We can safely treat your carpets with a sanitizer to help remove germs, mold, mildew and the odors they bring. This is especially needed if there has been a sewage backup problem.

Carpet Repairs

We can perform just about any kind of repair, including re-stretching, seam repairs, unraveling, burns, and bleach spots.

Furniture Moving

 Yes, we can carefully move and reset furniture on special protectors to prevent rust or furniture stains.

Dust mite control

We’ll apply an all-natural, safe treatment to your carpets to inhibit dust mites. This is especially effective for those who are highly allergic to dust mites (and their droppings).

Auto & RV Carpet and Upholstery

We can also clean carpet and upholstery in your car or RV.


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