Mark Ristow is the owner and founder of Naturally Safe Carpet Care. His clients call him "The Carpet Craftsman ", "The Carpet Geek " and "The Carpet Expert." Having been in the flooring industry since 1985, and having done just about everything, including installation, sales, repair, cleaning, restoration, attending numerous schools and classes and accumulating a portfolio bursting with certifications, Mark loves to use his expertise to help his clients solve their cleaning challenges and exceed their expectations. Clients say things like, "We love Mark!" Mark feels the same way about them and says his clients are the best!


Geeky accomplishment: In 2001, Mark was trained as an ISO 9001 lead auditor. The president of the training organization in Ireland personally called Mark to inform and congratulate him on achieving the highest test score she had ever seen. And then she immediately offered him a job with her firm.